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Cruise trips on the Gulf of Morbihan

With Les Vedettes L'Angélus, discover the Gulf

Ian Pasco and his team offer many choices of commented cruises from Locmariaquer, just 20 minutes by car from Camping de la Plage. You will be able to admire the magnificent landscapes and the numerous islands of the Gulf of Morbihan: Gavrinis and its famous neolithic cairn, its neighbor Er Lannic and its double circle of satanding stones (called "cromlechs"), the Ile-aux-Moines where the boat will drop you off, and many more. We have chosen for you a 4 hour cruise with a one and a half hour stopover on the island paradise which is L'Ile-aux-Moines.

A commented cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan and a guided walk on the Ile-aux-Moines

In May, June and September, we offer to accompany you every Wednesday afternoon for this superb trip on the Gulf.

Why choose to discover the Gulf with Camping de la Plage? Because you will benefit from a special rate, a member of our team will accompany you and will be able to guide you around the Ile-aux-Moines, and you will be able to use the companiy's personal car park, at only 200 meters from the pier.

In July and August, you can go on a cruise independently with 10% off as a campsite guest.
Do not hesitate for a moment, the Gulf of Morbihan is an unforgettable place where land and sea mingle for our eyes' pleasure!

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