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Informations on Covid 19

Informations on Covid 19

On Thursday 3rd March, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced:

The end of the obligation to wear a mask in almost all places from 14th March 2022. (Exception: wearing a mask will remain compulsory in public transports).
The "suspension" of the vaccination pass, from 14th March 2022. (Exception: A "sanitary pass" will remain a requirement for medical establishments, such as hospitals and nursing homes).


24th January 2022

PLEASE NOTE: the information below is established on the basis of the legal texts in force on 27th January, 2022

A “vaccination pass” has been in place since 24th January for anyone over the age of 16 and mainly in certain places of leisure and culture.


What is the vaccination pass?

This is the presentation of proof of vaccination - completed vaccination schedule (including booster shot) - a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 dating back at least 11 days and less than 6 months or a certificate of medical contraindication to vaccination.
In order to facilitate the stay of tourists and foreign students, two systems set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs make it possible to obtain a QR code equivalent to a vaccination pass on French territory for fully vaccinated people:

Presentation of the QR code for the digital EU Covid certificate (or from the NHS in the case of the United Kingdom) or presentation of the scan of the certificate in the "TousAntiCovid" app
Nationals of the following countries are concerned by these rules:

  • Member States of the European Union;
  • United Kingodm (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales)
  • Other countries like Switzerland or Lichtenstein.


Teenagers between 12 and 15 years old are not subject to the vaccination pass. However, in places where the "vaccination pass" is required, they must continue to present a "sanitary pass", that can include a negative PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours.

Campsites, like other tourist accommodation providers such as holiday villages or tourist residences, can continue to welcome their customers without presenting the vaccination pass.
This will only be requested when you arrive at the campsite and only if you wish to access the aquatic area. You will not have to present it each time you wish to go there, A bracelet to wear within this space will be given to you after presentation of the vaccination pass.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on 20th January at a press conference that the vaccination pass could be lifted as soon as “epidemic and hospital pressure can be reduced in a lasting way”. However, the law only authorizes the Government to maintain the vaccination pass until 31st July.


2nd May 2021

We are opening the campsite on Monday, 3rd May and we know a little more about the reopening of services:

The small shop opens on 13th May. In the meantime, we will have bread at reception and offer you a set of local products (jam, coffee, honey, biscuits, preserves, etc.) also at the reception.

The swimming pool area will be able to open from 19th May; concerning the jacuzzi, we are awaiting clarification from the Regional Health Agency.

The 19th May will also see reopening of museums, monuments ... and restaurant terraces.

From 9th June, bars and restaurants reopen and the curfew is moved to 11 p.m.


29th April 2021

The lifting of restriction banning traveling over 10 kilometers allows us to open our campsite on 3rd May.

However, it is good to remember that certain constraints are maintained by the government pending a long-awaited reopening.

Therefore, curfew is maintained from 7 p.m.

The bar and restaurant remain closed for the moment, but take-out options will be offered by the latter.

The swimming pool area remains closed following a decree of 29th October 2020 which reserves the use of swimming pools for sports and individual practice supervised by a club.

We are impatiently awaiting the lifting of these prohibitions and in the meantime we are counting on your understanding and on the proper use of barrier gestures within our establishment.

We remain of course at your disposal if you wish any clarification.


9th April 2021


With the arrival of fair weather and the hoped-for development of vaccination, we hope that the pandemic situation will improve and that you will be able to make the most of your vacation. As of this day (1st April 3, 2021), campsites can be opened, but with the new lockdown (5th April to 2nd May) we are mooving our opening date to 3rd May. To this day and as in the whole country, there is also a 7 pm curfew. Hopefully new decisions will make the situation more flexible before the campsite opening!


However, we know that we will have to remain cautious and continue applying barrier gestures. We will put everything in place to make your holidays a success and we are also counting on you to make sure everything goes well.


Therefore, we are counting on you not to travel if one of the participants in your stay exhibits the symptoms of the virus and if, during your stay, one of your party is sick, to promptly notify the campsite reception.


At Camping de la Plage, hygiene has always been important: this year we will also use a virucidal cleaning product and you will have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at your disposal in several places of the campsite. Our staff will be masked or wear a visor and will be trained in barrier gestures.


Here are the main provisions in a few words :


Hydroalcoholic gel will be available in several places on the campsite. Wearing a mask will be compulsory inside public buildings, and recommended outside if social distancing is difficult.


Reception : We will not be able to accommodate more than 5 people at a time in the reception building. Please respect social distancing. We will not distribute a welcome booklet; you will receive it in digital format the week before your arrival. We will try to make your arrival formalities as fast as possible and if you can, we ask you to inform us of an arrival time in order to avoid the queues.


Mobile homes : We will ask you to respect the departure times (10 a.m. at the latest) and arrival (4 p.m. or at best 3 p.m. when possible) so that we can disinfect the mobile homes between tenants and let them air for as long as possible.

We will only provide half of the blankets so that they can be changed between each resident.


Shower blocks : Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the entrance to the sanitary facilities and we will ask you to use it to disinfect your hands before entering and after leaving the sanitary block. We will also ask you to wear a mask when moving around the buildings.

Our toilets will be checked and cleaned several times a day with a virucidal cleaning product.


Beaches : The beaches are open. To date, restrictions only concern the ban on groups of more than 6 people outdoors and the obligation to sit at a distance of one meter from other beach users. IFREMER studies have shown no signs of the virus in seawater or seafood.


Swimming pool : In March 2021, the swimming pools remain closed pending government decisions. Last year, we took the following actions: Chlorinated water appears to be very effective against the virus. However, social distancing rules must be respected. Thus we will set up a one-way direction of moving around the pool area with a seperate entrance and exit (except for disabled people). The number of people in the whole aquatic enclosure will be limited as well as in the pool itself. Social distancing rules must be respected in the water slides. We do not plan to ask people to register for the use of the swimming pool, unless we decide that they are necessary.


Activities : We maintain an activities program with the same number of entertainment staff but with groups of no more than 10 people. Indoor shows will be limited and upon registration only. Registration in children's clubs will be necessary and we may have to refuse children if we consider that their number is too large.


Restaurant : The restaurant is run independently. As of today, restaurants remain closed, with the French government anouncing they may open mid-May.

In 2020, the number of tables was reduced to separate each table by one meter. A member of staff would greet you on your arrival and place you, Wearing a mask was necessary when not at your table.


We remain at your disposal before, during and after your stay. If certain points underlined in this letter do not suit you, please feel free to let us know very quickly,



2nd April 2021

Following the latest decisions of the French government ("From Sunday, 4th April, 2021 in the morning and for 4 weeks until 3rd May 2021, lockdown measures already in force in 19 departments will be extended to the entire French metropolitan territory."), Camping de la Plage will only open on 3rd May at the earliest.


1st February 2021

We were asked whether the decision of a country to quarantine its nationals on their return from vacation was a sufficient reason for cancellation and if this cancellation could enter into cases of force majeure.

According to our trade union, guests who, following government announcements, decide to leave the campsite before the end of their stay, or who decide to cancel a booked stay, do so on their own initiative.
Neither the manager nor even the guest is unable to honor their commitments. Consequently, the conditions for force majeure do not seem to be met.
However and for commercial reasons, we have decided that the establishment of a quarantine would be considered by us as a case of force majeure in the event that this decision by the county authorities is taken between one month before the guest's planned arrival date on the campsite, and the guest's planned departure date.


8th January 2021


Dear guests,

Afetr a very strange year in 2020, we look onwards to 2021, which we hope will be a much better year.

We know that we will have to go on living with the virus still present but we know it better and we know the barrier gestures.

During the summer of 2020, campsites were opened and implemented a whole series of protective measures (wearing a mask inside buildings, hydro-alcoholic gel freely available, new hygiene measures, etc.).

At the same time, the beaches, the swimming pools, the restaurants were also open and some activities could take place while taking necessary precautions.


For the summer of 2021, we feel ready to welcome you while listening to the decisions and recommendations of the French government.

While waiting for the campsite to reopen in the spring, we have changed our general terms and conditions, in particular to take into account the risks of force majeure: this year also, if the campsite is not able administratively to welcome you, if you are prohibited from moving and / or if the borders are closed, preventing you from going to your vacation spot, you will receive a credit voucher corresponding to sums you have paid (excluding booking fees and cancellation insurance fees).

Also, Camping de la Plage has chosen to offer you a new cancellation insurance contract (Gritchen Campez Couverts - Tolèdes et associés).

This contract, which you will find in detail by following the link takes into account the COVID risk, insofar as you will be covered in particular in the event of a cancellation for illness declared in the previous month. departure from the campsite in the event of an epidemic and in the event of a cancellation for denied boarding because of fever.


Do not hesitate to consult our cancellation insurance page to find out more.

This winter, we are continuing our work to beautify the campsite and we are ready to welcome you on 30th April.

In the meantime, we hope you stay well!


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