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The Blavet Region : discovery day 7

The Blavet Region : Day 7 of our discovery of the Auray Region

For the 7th day, we give you a choice between three setinations : Lorient, The Etel River, or the Blavet region.


A little further away from the Auray Rgion, the Blavet Region lets you dive into the heart of Morbihan. The Blavet is a small rivet that ends in the harbour in Lorient and meets up at Pontivy with the canal that goes from Nantes to Brest, which explains why its banks are made as towpaths.


The Poul-Fétan hamlet in Quistinic:  This 16th century picturesque village, with its thatched houses, is a real change of scenery and a return to the past. Entirely restorated from 1979 to 1985, it relives again thanks to many activities : butter making, hemp and millet growing, pottery. The old crafts (blacksmiths, laveworkers) are not forgotten and are returned here to their former glory.


The Lan Gouh archeological farm in Melran : On this site, the ruins of a village dating back to the year 1000 AD have been uncovered. The farm now brings back to life the life of a medieval farm through a detailed visit. The visit ends with a walk around the gardens.


The industrial museum in Inzinzac-Lochrist : This museum situated on the site of the Hennebont forges created the the Trottier engineers in 1860. It retraces the great period of Breton steel industry untill 1966, the year the competition from the North and East of France forced them to be shut down. The technology of the workshops and also the life of the thousands of workers who lived in the new towns created around the forges are well presented here. An audiovisual room shows very interesting documentaries.


Hennebont : On the banks of the Blavet river, Hennebont stretches its 15th century ramparts that have known manty an assault in their time. Don’t miss the basilica of Notre-Dame-de-Paradis, built from 1513 to 1524.


The barge trip on the Blavet :  On the Nin’Arion, go for a 2 hour long trip on the Blavet, between Pont Augan, in Languidic, to Penquesten, in Inzinzac-Lochrist, to discover the environment and the heritage of the river.


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