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Informations on Covid 19

Cancellation insurance

Camping de la Plage has chosen to offer you the Campez Couvert cancellation insurance contract from Gritchen - Tolède et associés.

This contract, which you will find in detail below, takes into account the COVID-19 risk, insofar as you will be covered in cases of cancellation for illness declared in the month preceding departure in the event of an epidemic and in the case of cancellation for denied boarding in case of fever.

In the event of cancellation due to force majeure, you will not be covered by this insurance but your campsite has provided for a "Force majeure" clause in these general terms and conditions.

This insurance also provides for the more frequent cases of cancellation: serious illness, serious accident and death of you or one of your relatives, redundancy, serious damage to your vehicle (see the full description in the general insurance conditions ).

Do not hesitate to take out insurance because whatever the reasons for your cancellation, we will not be able to reimburse you if our general conditions of sale do not provide for it.

When insurance guarantees are involved, the insured must:

  • Notify Gritchen Tolède et Associés in writing of any loss likely to lead to coverage within 10 working days (period reduced to two working days in the event of theft).
    These periods run from the knowledge by the insured of the loss likely to lead to the implementation of the guarantee.
    After this period, the insured will forfeit any right to compensation if the delay has caused damage to the Company.
  • Spontaneously declare to Gritchen Affinity the guarantees taken out on the same risk with other insurers.


For modern and rapid management of your insurance claims Log on to the site: www.declare.fr You can send us your supporting documents and monitor the progress of your case.

For a traditional management of your insurance claims By e-mail: sinistres@campez-couvert.com or By post : Gritchen Tolède et Associés Sinistre –Campez cover 27 Rue Charles Durand - CS70139 18021 Bourges Cedex

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