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The megalith walk

Discover the megaliths of Erdeven

Erdevens' great megalithic arc is a beautiful hike. At a little less than 15 km from the campsite and over 4 hours of walking, you will discover a unique archaeological heritage, the largest in Brittany after Carnac : standing stones alignments, giant menhirs, dolmens, cromlech...sometimes just round abend in the path, sometimes by taking a side road through woods and moors...These remarkable megalithic sites are still freely accessible, so let us treat them with respect !

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Practical information

  • Medium level difficulty
  • Duration : 4 hours
  • Length :16.8 km


a) The course is marked in yellow and its layout allows to cut the hike into three parts:
b) A small loop makes it possible to see the standing stone alignments and the Giants of Kerzerho, and the dolmens of Mané Braz.

c) A second loop takes you to the alignments of Caesar's Chair and the megalithic site of Crucuno.

The complete loop takes you to Saint Antoines' Chapel and its fountain, as well as the menhir du Vieux Moulin (Old Mill) of the Old Mill.

  • Warning : If the weather in damp or rainy, some parts of the walk may be very muddy.


A hiking document can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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Hike description

The walk starts from the car park along the Plouharnel-Erdeven road, near the standing stones of Kerzerho. 

OTI baie de quiberon © thibault poriel

1 - Follow the first row of standing stones then take a left on the path that leads to the Giants of Kerzerho, mainly composed of two 6 m tall menhirs and two huge lying stone blocks. Cross the site to another path on the right, towards Mané Braz, and follow the direction to Mané Braz.

OTI baie de quiberon © Alexandre Lamoureux

2 - After a right turn take the small path on the left through the woods, you will arrive at the dolmens of Mané Braz. Go past them and continue straight ahead.

Join the path and turn left. At the right bend, turn left and immediately right (on a grassy path). Go through the standing stones of Caesars' Chair and continue straight ahead.

© alexandre lamoureux - OTI baie de quiberon

3 - Pick up the path again and turn right. At the picnic area take the road on the right (before the picnic area take the small path to the right towards the pond (Er Varquez) and then left to the dolmen of Mané Croch.

4 - Walk through Crucuno where a dolmen awaits you on hamlets' main square. It is the most imposing dolmen in Morbihan with its stone cover weighing over 40 tonnes. Take a left at the dolmen.

Follow the path and on the right, you will find the cromlech of Crucuno, also called "Quadrilatère  de Crucuno" : the diagonals of this quadrilateral align with the sunrises and sunsets of the summer and winter solstices.

Continue on the the path and at the crossroads, take the path to the right. At the intersection, turn right and then take the GR path on the left.

5- Cross Kergazec and take the path after the last house opposite you (see Saint Antoines' Chapel and the fountain by taking the path on the right).

Return to the chapel and turn right to find the road, and cross it (follow the GR markings).

When the GR takes a 90 °turn, keep going straight.

At the intersection turn left (Pond of Er Varquez). At the junction turn right.

At the end of the path, turn left (menhir du Vieux Moulin).

Back at the crossroads, turn right. Make a return trip to the ruins of the dolmen of Mané er Mor.

6 - Once you arrive at the road, take the path on the left. In the village of Kernevé, turn right and cross the road. At the junction follow straight ahead.

Back in Crucuno, take the road on the left, go up to the village and take the dead end on the left then the street on the left.

Then turn left towards Le Triono. Follow the road and turn right towards Kerbernès.

At the road, go towards Erdeven. Cross Kerbernès and at the crossroads turn left (towards the standing stones of Kerzhero).

Head back to the car park.

OTI baie de quiberon © patrice baissac


  • The Giants of Kerzerho
  • The dolmens of Mané Braz
  • The standing stones of Caesars' Chair
  • The dolmen of Mané Croch
  • The dolmen and cromlech of Crucuno

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