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The Coast of the Megaliths

Between the Gulf of Morbihan and the Quiberon peninsula

Megaliths Carnac © thibault poriel - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

Visiting the standing stones in Carnac

The 7000 year old standing stones the alignments of Carnac are world famous and remain a high place of European Prehistory. They are the most famous and impressive megalithic ensembles of this period, with nearly 4,000 stones, covering an area nearly 4 kilometres long. The main alignments of menhirs in Carnac are (from West to East): Le Ménec, Kermario, Kerlescan and Le Petit Ménec. The Kermario alignment is the most developed of the Carnac "menhir fields"  since it is 1100m long with over 980 stones. The "Géant du Manio", the largest of the menhirs (6.5m tall), raised back up by famous local archeologist Zachary Le Rouzic, is in a slightly offset position on the eastern end of the alignments.
The alignments of Carnac can be freely visited from October to March. From April to September, you will discover these exceptional archaeological sites in the company of a guide or an archaeologist. The "Maison des Mégalithes", the information point located opposite the alignments at the Ménec offers events and exhibitions during this period.

Visit the menhirs of Carnac on the Little Train directly from the campsite

Enjoy passing by all the sites on board the little train, from the Maison des Mégalithes in Carnac to La Trinité sur Mer. You will then discover the beauty and mysteries of the 3 megalithic sites, whilst riding along white sandy beaches, for a duration of 50 min. The train stops at the campsite every Sunday. Bookings available at the reception before Sunday 6 pm. For extra information: (0033)2 97 24 06 29

Prehistory Museum in Carnac : events and guided tours

As a megalithic site, Carnac exhibits in its museum one of the richest prehistoric collections in Europe devoted to Neolithic peoples, builders of dolmens and menhirs. All kinds of activities are offered: guided tours, walks on megalithic sites, workshops for children, demonstrations of prehistoric techniques, courses on "initiation to archeological excavation", conferences, temporary exhibitions with a playground for children ...
For reservations and group rates: Tel. (0033)2 97 52 22 04
The Pass des Mégalithes allows you to visit 4 megalithic monuments and the museum with a reduced rate from the 2nd monument visited (partner sites: Carnac alignments, Locmariaquer megalithic site, Prehistory museum, Petit-Mont cairn, Gavrinis cairn).

Tumulus St Michel Carnac © oeil de paco - CRTB

Saint Michel Tumulus

This megalithic monument consists of a mound of earth and stones 125 metres long, 50 metres wide and 10 metres tall. Following the collapse of several stone walls, the tumulus is not open to the public during the works that have been under way since 2014 but a reopening in the years to come is planned. On the other hand, you can now re-enter Saint Michel's chapel, located at the top of the mound from which it is possible to admire the landscape for miles from the orientation table.

The megalithic sites in Locmariaquer

At the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan there are three major megalithic monuments dating back 6500 years on the same site in LocmariaquerThis remarkable site can be vivited freely or with a guided tour.
A little Neolithic history ...:
"The Great Broken Menhir was erected around 4,500 BC, together with 18 other stones, and deliberately knocked down around 4,400 BC This is the largest block ever moved and erected by Neolithic people, measuring 20.60m and weighing 280 tonnes, this block comes from a rocky outcrop located several kilometres away from Locmariaquer.
The Dolmen "La Table des Marchants" dates back to 3700 BC. The restoration of the monument allows us to better understand how these neolithic tombs, covered with an enormous mass of dry stone called a cairn.
The Tumulus of Er Grah or Er Vinglé dates back to around 4000 BC. Long considered as a ruined dolmen, invaded with soil and brush, it was not until 1991 that excavations made it possible to clear it, and at the same time, to rediscover this very particular monument. "

Table des marchands Locmariaquer © marc schaffner - morbihan tourisme

Hiking on the Path of the Megaliths in Erdeven

Mégaliths Erdeven © thibault poriel - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

For over two hour-long of walk, take the Path of the Megaliths in Erdeven: menhir alignments, giant menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs can be found at each turn. At the start of your megalithic hike: the standing stones of Kerzerho, which is ,after Carnac, the largest megalithic site in Brittany, with 195 megaliths stretching over 200 metre, lined up in 5 rows. The giant menhirs of this site are about 6 meters tall and weigh 40 tons. Then your steps will lead you to the dolmens of Mané Braz, a set of menhirs calles "Caesar's Chair", The dolmen of Mané Croc'h and the standing stones rectangle of Crucuno ... If you wish, guided tours are organized by Erdeven's tourist office.

The cairn of Gavrinis in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan

Gavrinis © alexandre lamoureux - golfe du morbihan vannes tourisme

Located on the island of Gavrinis in the heart of the gulf of Morbihan, this exceptional megalithic monument dates back almost 6000 years. At the time of its construction (around 3500 BC), the island was still attached to the mainland and the gulf of Morbihan did not yet exist ...Famous for its mysterious engravings which decorate its interior stones, the cairn can be visited in the company of a guide, after embarking for a boat trip from Larmor-Baden. On arrival, you will be amazed by the panoramic view over the entrance of the gulf of Morbihan, Port Navalo and Locmariaquer. Check out the schedule and rates to visit Gavrinis 


A procedure is underway to add 552 megalithic sites in southern Morbihan to the Unesco World Heritage. (26 towns are concerned). To carry out this project, the group "Paysages de mégalithes de Carnac et du sud Morbihan" was created.

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