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A campsite near the Morbihan Gulf…

One of the most beautiful bays in the world

Berder, Tascon, Illur, Stibiden, Logoden .... are there really as many islands and islets in the Gulf of Morbihan as there are days in the year? This is what the saying goes, but in fact there are about sixty of which forty are constantly out of the water. Some islands are home to only a few bird colonies or a fishermen's house ... Other islands like Arz go on hike for miles ... A magnificent natural site created over millennia when the ocean slowly covered the hilly lands and rivers on this side of the Breton coast. The Gulf of Morbihan is comprised of many natural reserves, a rich historical heritage and every two years, the "Semaine du Golfe", an important meet up old saling ships. An official Regional Natural Park since 2014, member of the"most beautiful bays of the world" club : The "small sea" (Mor bihan in Breton) is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Brittany. So do not wait a second longer and go discover it ! 

Les îles du Golfe © A.Lamoureux - Golfe du Morbihan Vannes tourisme

A cruise on the Gulf

The vast majority of the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan are privatly owned, the most beautiful way of discovering them is by boat from Locmariaquer or Vannes for a commented cruise.


The departure is from Locmariaquer, with the cruise company "Vedettes l'Angelus",  at the mouth of the Gulf, a few minutes drive from the campsite. Locmariaquer and Port Navalo on the Rhuys peninsula mark the entrance of the Gulf: it is a very impressive place because only a 900 metre wide neck separates the two ports which creates currents up to 9 knots!

Following this current, you will then journey towards the interior of the Gulf, and passes by, among others, the islands of Gavrinis, Berder, Er lannic, Arz ... and stops over at the Ile aux Moines, nicknamed "the Pearl of the Gulf".

Croisière sur le golfe © A.Lamoureux - Golfe du Morbihan Vannes tourisme

Ile d'Arz and Île aux Moines: miles of hiking trails ...

The Ile d'Arz and the Ile aux Moines are the two largest islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, they are also two independant towns. They can be explored on foot or by bike along different trails with breathtaking views of the Gulf and the coastline. Over just a few kilometres, you will find varied types of landscapes and atmospheres : coves, beaches, salt marshes, pine woods, tide mills, villages and typical Breton hamlets, megalithic sites, wash houses and fountains. Note that the Ile aux Moines is more wooded than its neighbor, the Ile d'Arz ...

Ile d'Arz © A.Lamoureux - Golfe du Morbihan Vannes tourisme
Ile aux Moines © A.Lamoureux - Golfe du Morbihan Vannes tourisme

Gavrinis: a leap into our Prehistoric past ...

Berder: a green setting ...

cairn de Gavrinis © berthier emmanuel - CRTB

Gavrinis is a must visit ... Of this private island, only a small part is accessible to the public, on which is located a cairn, a stone monument built 6000 years ago and which hides a treasure: an interior corridor whose stone slabs are engraved with enigmatic figures and symbols ...

You will be accompanied by a guide for this visit, which is only done in groups of a few people to preserve the interior carvings of the cairn. Going by boat, you will go around the island of Er Lannic located opposite Gavrinis. An ornithological Reserve, it is known for its two standing stone circles, or cromlechs : fifty menhirs some of which today remain under water.

Ile de Berder © A.Lamoureux - Golfe du Morbihan Vannes tourisme

What makes Berder so charming is that it is only accessible for a few hours a day, at low tide, when the passage that connect it to the mainland emerges from the water ... When that happens, go for an hour-long walk on a coastal path that allows you to go all around this small wooded island. You will love the calm and the diversity of its sometimes exotic vegetation. At the end of the island, take a few minutes to observe the tumultuous the passage through which the courant de La Jument (sencond fastest current in Europe) flows,and the entry of the Gulf ! Don't forget to check the tide times before your go or you might get stuck on the island ;-)

Ten moments to live in the Gulf of Morbihan

 er lannic © alexandre lamoureux - golfe du morbihan vannes tourisme
  • Decipher the engravings of Gavrinis
  • Observe Er Lannic's standing stone circles
  • Explore the colourful landscapes of the Gulf
  • Follow the coastal path on the Île aux Moines
  • Cros the pass to Berder at low tide
  • Feel the spray from the waves at Kerpenhir Point in Locmariaquer
  • Have a drink at Conleau's cafe
  • Watch the sunset on the tip of Arradon
  • Enjoy oysters at an oyster farm
  • Cycle on the Ile d'Arz

Conleau, Vannes-plage ...

conleau © yannick le gal - CRTB

A former island, today Conleau is connected to the mainland by a road-dike. It is located just minutes from the center of Vannes. A holiday resort since the 19th century, it has kept its authentic small resort charm with its old mansions, its hotel, its café and its public seawater swimming pool. If you visit Vannes for a day, take the time to stop by !

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