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Religious heritage

Chapels, churches or fountains in Brittany...



  • Chapel Saint Philibert
  • The Jube in Saint Avoye chapel © Détour d'art
  • Plouharnel © Alexandre Lamoureux
  • Fountain Saint cado © Begne bernard
  • Notre Dame Des Fleurs Plouharnel © baiedequiberon.bzh

Some ideas for discovering this legacy around La Trinité sur Mer

As in all of Brittany, in every town in Morbihan, you can find an abundant religious heritage : chapels, churches, calvaries or fountains with miraculous waters.

These places of worship and devotion often share the space with the remains of older cults as evidenced by the presence of standing stones near a fountain, the construction of a chapel at the top of a neolithic tumulus or a christianized menhir ...

We offer you here some ideas for discovering this legacy around La Trinité sur Mer.

Chapels and fountains of Carnac

Chapels in the Auray region

Le Pardon

A Pardon is a form of pilgrimage mainly encountered in Brittany. No less than 1,200 pardons are celebrated each year in Brittany and great Pardons such as that of Sainte Anne d'Auray gather thousands of people ...

These processions during which men and women in traditional costumes bear banners, crosses, relics and statues of local saints are an integral part of Breton culture.


These three chapels in Carnac host Pardons every year:

  • Pardon Saint Michel Chapel : the last Sunday of September.
  • Pardon Saint Colomban Chapel: 1st Sunday of August.
  • Pardon of the Chapelle de la Madeleine: the 4th Sunday of July.


In the center of Carnac, is Saint Cornely's Curch, a Breton saint and protector of horned animals.

His Pardon was once the most important of Brittany, with people coming to have their herds blessed.

Many pilgrims still come today, on the 2nd Sunday of September.


Pardon Ste Anne d'Auray @ Loïc Kersuzan

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