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Our favourite places

10 places to see and to experience 

There are so many places to discover in Morbihan that we offer here some ideas for visits among the most emblematic and essential sites in our region. Exceptional and unique places ... Each with its own story ...

Spectacular: Kerpenhir Point

Kerpenhir - Locmariaquer © patrice baissac - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

In the town of Locmariaquer, you will find Kerpenhir Point. Opposite it is Port Navalo on the tip of the Rhuys peninsula. Separated by a 900 metre-wide channel, the two sites form a narrow passage onto Quiberon Bay and mark the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan. Watching the strong sea currents that rush into this bottleneck is impressive, especially when speedboats and sailboats cross these tumultuous waters!

Our advice: go to the orientation table to locate towns, Gulf Islands and Quiberon Bay islands and enjoy the view !

Mysterious: Kermario - Carnac

menhirs carnac © thibault poriel - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

Kermario is one of the main megalithic sites of Carnac, with more than a thousand menhirs. These enigmatic and imposing stones, erected 7000 years ago, line up for more than a kilometre. A footpath is built around the site to better appreciate it and guided tours are organized in the heart of the alignments. A little further in the woods, towards Kerlescan, don't miss the impressive "Géant du Manio", an standing stone measuring 6.50 metres tall !

Our advice: climb the few steps of the old Kermario mill located in the middle of the alignments. There is nothing like this elevated point of view to observe the site and take some photos!

Religious : Sainte Anne d'Auray

Sainte Anne d'Auray © alexandre lamoureux - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

In the 17th century, pilgrims started to flock to this small hamlet after the repeated apparitions of Saint Anne to Yves Nicolazic, a local peasant. A basilica was built to accommodate more and more believers who came to pray to the Saint. The sanctuary of Sainte Anne d'Auray has since become the first pilgrimage site in Brittany and the most important in France after Lourdes and Lisieux.

Our advice: on 26th July, the "Grand Pardon" of Sainte Anne d'Auray takes place, which welcomes thousands of pilgrims. If you like Breton culture, on the morning of 26th July a large procession allows you to admire men and women in traditional Breton costumes carrying their traditional parish banners.

Charming: the port of Saint Goustan

Saint Goustan © alexandre lamoureux - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

Along the Auray river, a small charming port has crossed the centuries: Saint Goustan. Alleyways, cobbled quays and old mansions still bear witness to the history of its prosperity since the Middle Ages. In the summer, bargain hunters and second-hand booksellers meet weekly on Quai Franklin for an old books markets. And around the small Place Saint Sauveur, the cafés and restaurant terraces are full of life throughout the year. It is a very beautiful place to stroll, relax, take your time ...

Our advice: cross the stone bridge which leads to the upper town of Auray and walk up the "Rampes du Loch", a pedestrian path which overlooks the river. A belvedere offers you a very beautiful panorama on the small port in front of you.

Historical: Old Vannes

Vannes © loic kersuzan - morbihan tourisme

There are so many places to explore in the intramural section of this city, nestled at the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan for more than two thousand years: medieval gates and squares, the cathedral and the ramparts, half-timbered houses and mansions, washhouses and gardens... Give yourself a few hours to stroll through old Vannes and enjoy a stroll on the banks of its marina.

Our advice: and if you like history, don't miss the historic festivals which take place every year in July: for three days, hundreds of volunteers and artists bring the rich past of Vannes to life through events, parades and shows.

Heavenly: Houat

Houat © patrice baissac - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

No roads but coastal paths walk on, exceptional landscapes, sandy beaches, antumed and protected nature, a fishing port and a typically Breton village ... Welcome to Houat! Off the Quiberon peninsula, this small Breton island (4 km long by 1 km wide) is breathtakingly beautiful and has preserved all of its island authenticity. The scenery is exceptionnal...

Our advice: during a day trip organized by the campsite, go to the biggest of Houat's beaches, famous for its transparent waters and white sand ... a real paradise!

Picturesque: the island of Saint Cado

Saint Cado © thibault poriel - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

This atypical place on the Etel ria is a small islet, with a few fishermen's houses, a Romanesque chapel, a Calvary and a fountain. Saint Cado and its healing stone, which can be seen in the chapel, has been a place of pilgrimage for many centuries.

It is a timeless place that you can discover by walking across the only stone bridge that connects it to the mainland. The path that goes around it offers very beautiful views of the Etel ria. You will leave feeling under a spell ...

Our tip: Sit on the bridge to watch the sunset over the estuary and Nichtarguer islet (whose famous blue house is a photographer's delight), and enjoy...

Famous : The port of La Trinité sur Mer 

La Trinité sur Mer © thibault poriel - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

From the campsite, take the time to walk or cycle to the port of La Trinité sur Mer. Sailing boats, speedboats or multihulls can be admired from the pontoons in a friendly atmosphere. It is a very beautiful marina with its quayside lined with bars and restaurant terraces.

Our advice: for the walk to the port from the campsite, choose to take the coastal path which passes by Kerbihan Point : this very easy walk offers beautiful views!

Unique : The stone arch of Port Blanc

arche port blanc © thibault poriel - OTI baie de quiberon tourisme

You will see it by taking the coastal path which runs along Quiberon's "Côte Sauvage". A natural arch sculpted over time by the western winds and the incessant waves coming from the Atlantic, it has beeny weakened by the storms of recent years but remains one of the most emblematic sites of the Quiberon peninsula.

Our advice: a few hundred metres away, the "Pointe du Percho" and its old customs house offers a magnificent panorama of the cliffs of the "Côte Sauvage" and its beaches. A good spot to photograph and admire...

Soothing: Île aux Moines

ile aux Moines © alexandre lamoureux - golfe du morbihan vannes tourisme

It is one of the largest islands in the Gulf of Morbihan with Isle d'Arz. By taking its paths on foot or by bike, absorb the sweetness of life that reigns over the island rightly nicknamed "the pearl of the gulf". Flowered alleys, a charming village with old villas and fishermen's houses, a large beach with its bathing cabins from times past... Further down the island is unspoiled wilderness with magnificent views of the other islands. Let its charm envelope you!

Another favourite places...

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