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Between the Gulf of Morbihan and Quiberon Bay

Locmariaquer is a small port located at the mouth of the Gulf of Morbihan. By its location, there are both beaches overlooking the ocean and the Gulf. The beaches of Locmariaquer are easily accessible and suitable for all kinds of activities. This town also has an exceptional heritage of megalithic monuments such as the dolmen and Great Broken Menhir at the "Table des Marchands" site, the tumulus at Er Grah. Another particulary impressive site : Kerpenhir point. This site facing Port Navalo, marks the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan with its strong sea currents.

  • Port of Locmariaquer - Simon Bourcier - OTI baie de quiberon
  • Oysters - Locmariaquer - Alexandre Lamoureux - OTI baie de quiberon
  • Kerpenhir point - Simon Bourcier - OTI baie de quiberon
  • Megalithic sites in Locmariaquer - Alexandre Lamoureux - OTI baie de quiberon
  • Locmariaquer beach - Simon Bourcier - OTI baie de quiberon

The beaches

  • Saint Pierre beach is located in the  Saint Pierre Loperec natural reserve. Surrounded by dunes and a small wood, this steep beach has no lifeguards but is very popular for its untamed look.To get there from La Trinité sur Mer: go towards Locmariaquer (D781). At the traffic lights (before entering Locmariaquer), turn right (route C3) towards Saint Pierre. Continue for 2.5 km to reach the Saint Pierre site car park.Access to the beach is by foot through the park (about 5-10 min walk).


  • La Falaise beach, also called "Grande plage", is very appreciated by families. It faces south and overlooks the ocean. It is famous for rockpool fishing during spring tides.Part of its area is equipped with stairs to facilitate access to the beach and also a pedestrian zone leading to the "Dolmen des Pierres Plates" at Er Hourel.There is a car park near the beach.


  • Rolay Beach is located between La Falaise Beach and Kerpenhir Point, facing Port Navalo, overlooking the ocean.Parking spaces are located along the road.


  • On the gulf side, Valy beach, located full East, offers a beautiful panorama on the waters of the "small sea" (Mor bihan in Breton). It is a gently sloping sandy beach safe for young children.To get there, take the road to Kerpenhir. Stop before the Keryvonnick holiday center. From there, a path will take you there.


Dogs are not allowed on the beaches of Locmariaquer.

Saint Pierre beach - Simon Bourcier - OTI baie de quiberon

Sailing and other nautical activities

  • Toul Keun beach is located at the bottom of an small bayr, to the west of the town. It extends all the way to the to "Dolmen des Pierres Plates". This beach, where you can not bathe at high tide, is sheltered from easten winds.

It is a great place to learn to windsurf or sail in a dinghy without any danger to children. Toul Keun beach is accessible from the village of Kerere or the coastal path from La Falaise.


  • Semaphore Beach, also known as the Sailing School Beach, extends to the left of Kerpenhir Point. Part of this beach is reserved for pushing the boats at the sailing school in and out of the water. A large car park is next to it.

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