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A privileged climate for your holiday in southern Brittany

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Weather forecast

What's the weather like in La Trinité sur Mer ? Hours of sun, minimal and maximal temperature, winds and rains risks : here you will find weather forcats for La Trinité sur Mer.


Tidal timetables

Fancy a swim at high tide or enjoy the low tide to go rock-pool fishing? Here, you can find the daily, tidal timetable from Carnac to La Trinité sur Mer.


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Climate in South Britanny

Is it always rainy in Brittany? Brittany has the (wrongful) reputation of being a wetland. The current climate of Brittany is an oceanic climate with dry summers and mild but wet winters.
On the North coast, in the West and in the interior of Brittany the climate is a little more humid. On the south coast, the climate is drier.

As much sun as Biarritz

After that period come summer. It starts around mid-June and lasts untill mid-October. In high season,  the average temperature is 25°C. 

It is around Carnac and the Gulf of Morbihan, along the coast of South Brittany, that you will find the most hours of sunshine (more than 2000 per year, comparable with Biarritz).

Thus, in spring and autumn, holiday makers enjoy high temperatures and a pleasant time and can still take full advantage of the beaches of South Morbihan...  

The Gulf of Morbihan's micro-climate

The coast around the Gulf of Morbihan benefits from a micro-climate due to the warm ocean current, the Gulf Stream: being in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean allows constant mild temperatures and the Gulf Stream warms the sea. The weather varies with the tides and is combined with a pleasant breeze that makes the hot periods more bearable. Proof of this privileged climate, the remarkable local vegetation: mimosas, camellias, hydrangeas, lavender, palm trees ...Winters are mild in Brittany with average temperatures between 6 and 8 degrees.It rarely freezes during this period and it is in the interior of Brittany that gets the most rain.

With storms coming from the north and south-west, winter is the least pleasant time to be in Brittany. But it's a great experience to get some fresh air during a storm and see the waves breaking on the rocks! 

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