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Locmariaquer, our visit of the Morbihan Gulf

We continue our visit  with one of the world’s most beautiful bay : the Morbihan Gulf.

Leave La Trinité via the D780 and follow it all the way to Locmariaquer. Locmariaquer is situated at the entry of the Morbihan Gulf.

The port of Locmariaquer with the church steeple in the backround

An authentic Breton village, Locmariaquer is also famous for itsmegalithical monuments.


The first site to visit is the Great Brocken Menhir (Grand menhir brisé) and the Table des marchands (or Merchant’s Table) : erected between 4,700 and 3,800 BC. The Grand menhir brisé is the largest monolith ever erected by Man during that period. At over 60 feet tall, it would have towered over the gulf. The dolmen at theTable des Marchand is a prehistoric tomb and has two magnificient carved stones. Other monuments are worth the visit (The Mane Lud dolmen, The Mane er Hroek Tumulus,The Dolmen des Pierres plates).
The morning should be enough to visit these different sites, and you can have a picnic at the Kerpenhir Point where you can also find a restaurant near the port.

In the afternoon, you must take the boat around the Morbihan Gulf, for example on board the Angélus, that leaves from the cale du Guilvin.

In the Morbihan Gulf, the partially underwater megatliths on the Island of Er Lanick.


A real jewel, the different facets of the Gulf are best discovered from a boat. Legend says the Gulf has 365 islands, but there are actually around 40, some of them are inhabited, like the Île aux Moines on which you will be able to get off the boat, others are not.

On the Île aux moines, you can visit the villge, and espacially the church and the beautiful houses that surround it or that dominate many beaches and coves.

Also a good place to visit in the Gulf, the Island of Gavrinis, after taking the boat at Larmor-Baden. The island possesses a 26 feet tall cairn covering a dolmen. Inside, you can admire carved stones that are typical of prehistoric arts. But for visiting both islands, you will need all day…

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