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Houat et Hoedic

An untamed nature, pure and iodized air, welcome to the "sister" islands, Houat and Hoedic !


A bit of history...

Connected to the mainland thounds of years ago,Houat, Hoedic and the surrounding islets formed an extension of the Quiberon peninsula.

Man has lived on them since the Neolithic period and many traces of megalithic and Gallo-Roman civilization can be found.

Today, a few huindred people live there all year round. They look after and take care of their islands to better share them with summer visitors.


Beaches and walks along the coastal path 

These two "sister" islands are only a few kilometres long and can easily be explored in a single day, on foot or on a bicycle : there are no cars to better protect the unique fauna and flora !

They are covered in footpaths that cross the moors towards incredibly beautiful beaches !

In their charming villages, in steet corners lined with hollyhocks, café terrasses and restaurants welcome you during while you have a pause. 


Things to see on Houat and Hoedic 

The fort of Hoedic just outside the village hosts exhibitions, especially on the history of the inhabitants and the discovering of the many archeological sites. It also offers guided tours to explore the local flora and fauna.

On Houat, the hatchery museum offers you to discover the local marine world as well as botanical walks along the dunes


  • Beach on the island of Hoëdic © Tiphaine Larchey
  • Restaurant on Hoëdic © Morbihan tourisme - Marc Schaffner
  • A footpath on Hoëdic © Tiphaine Larchey
  • The village of Houat © Morbihan Tourisme - Marc Schaffner
  • The village of Hoëdic © Tiphaine Larchey

Spend a day on the islands Houat and Hoedic 

Houat and Hoedic await you at only a few kilometers from the Quiberon peninsula.

To reach them,Sea connections offers return day trips from Locmariaquer and Quiberon.

In July and August, enjoy the day cruise to the island of Houat we propose in our activities' program!

After an hour long boat trip, this untamed and preserved island will leave you with unforgettable memories ! 


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